First Sign-On on VRP Server Version

How to connect to server:

Make sure to have fivem which you can get here: and GTA 5 and steam account!

Step 1: Open Steam.

Step 2: Open Fivem.

Step 3: Go To Direct Connect and enter

Step 4: Once you have connected (If whitelisted already.), It should bring you to a generic character.

Step 5: First there are 4 circles. One is for male or female, one is for identity, one is for the barbershop and one is for the clothing selections.

Step 6: Visit Plastic Surgery Circle and choose which one you want to be.

Step 7: Visit Identity Circle and name your character.

Step 8: Visit the Barber Shop Circle to set a face and Hair there! Make sure the face changes first. Then apply other features.

Step 9: Visit the Clothing Circle use arrow keys to change different cloths and such on your character for the first time! Only walk out of the blip once you are done.

NOTE: –Make sure everything looks good. Torso is more like shirts then shirts. –Shirts only fill in for a jacket like item. –Also make sure your arms are correctly selected for the type of torso you choose. –“Enter” key changes colors of objects in clothing and barbershop

Step 10: Once you are complete with your character and have saved it out. There is a orange brief case blip on the map at 3 Alta Street. This is the job center. Go there and figure out a job to do. Unemployed is the crime job.

Step 11: There are a few cheap houses for people to get so they can have a place to stay.

Step 12: There are few cars that are cheap for people to get once they are in and have a job. Should not be hard to get a legit car fast.

Step 13: Make friends!

Step 14: Never leave and have fun!(edited)