FAQs on VRP Server Version

1.) What if I am not 18?

Sorry, we do not allow underage folk.

2.) I’m confused! What is RP and Fivem?

Fivem is an application that is considered a mod for Grand Theft Auto V (gta5) which loads gta5 inside of it and allows you to pick custom servers to connect to that are built and managed by different communities and such. Some Fivem servers are for racing and deathmatch style play (just like the online version) but ours is a roleplay (rp) style. RP is where you create a character with a back story and act out your vision for that character. Let me state this is not a deathmatch server!

3.) I’ve applied but not received a response yet! How long is the wait?

Currently we are reviewing and processing applications. For now we usually get back to you within 2 days.

4.) I want to change my identity(Character Name)!

Awesome visit the airport downstairs and stand in the blip and it will let you change your name. Please do not change your name all the time and power game with it. Do not abuse this feature or the developers will remove it and you will be forced to submit a form in order to have it changed. This is the WARNING!

5.) There is a script somewhere you found!

Great! put it in the #suggestions-bugs but we may not be able to use it, so do not feel bad if we don’t use it.

6.) I have an idea about something in the server!

Great! Please put your idea into the #suggestions-bugs section of the discord. Thanks. (Note: if you just tell someone the idea or DM a admin about it, it probably will never happen.)

How to clear your fivem cache:

To clear cache, you want to right click FiveM and click on properties. Here you should see a button called “Open File Location”. Click that and it will open another window where it will have FiveM, FiveM Singleplayer and FiveM Application Data. The Application Data folder is iconed with a snail, just double click it and it will open. Then double click the CACHE folder, from there you’ll want to delete everything BUT the GAME folder. You can now open FiveM and join with a fresh cache.