Rule 1 :
Do not RDM or VDM

Rule 2 :
A microphone is a requirement

Rule 3 :
Do not abuse/exploit bugs

Rule 4 :
Do not use cheats

Rule 5:
No racism

Rule 6:
Do not harass others

Rule 7:
Use common sense

Rule 8:
You must Stream if you are a white-listed job!

Rule 9:
We heavily encourage you to stream while on server(this helps during conflicts)

Rule 10:
White-listed jobs get one warning for rule breaks then banned.

Rule 11:
Do not steal a Admin vehicle, this will get you banned.

Rule 12:
No meta gaming or power gaming.

Rule 13:
Do Not Raid LSPD Stations or cop baiting

Rule 14:
Hostages And Snipers Need Announcing

Rule 15:
No Stealing Military Vehicles

Rule 16:
No Combat Logging (Logging off to avoid death or other risky thing you have gotten yourself into)

Rule 17:
New Life Rule (If you die, You forget what happened in the last 5 to 10 minutes. – Must RP what happened with someone else to find out. You don’t know who killed you!)

Rule 18:
No Fail RP (If you have questions about something in game there are multiple ways of finding out! Use the /ooc command in the text in game or discord. Try your best to stay in character )

Rule 19:
Always Value Your Lives!

Rule 20:
Have Fun!